A Sustainable Solution

For millions of children with neurological conditions lacking quality care across the globe, there is a strategy that will not only save lives but will also improve quality of life.

1. Create centers of excellence

Working with existing hospitals in the developing world, we can train, equip, and support hospitals that model best practices in pediatric neurosurgery, increasing their capacity to treat the most vulnerable children.

2. Develop strategic partnerships for training and research

surgeons in operating room

By coming alongside doctors, hospitals, and other organizations, we can provide clinical training and frontline research. This will increase the capacity for care while seeking to find more effective and efficient treatment.

3. Raise the profile of children

Long term, this approach will save the lives of children and change their standing in society. By focusing on children in places where they are often overlooked, we can not only give them a future but we can also demonstrate what is possible when a culture elevates the sanctity of children’s lives. 

We can bring life and hope to children with neurosurgical needs.

Will you join us?