Mission & Values

Mission Statement

To make the best care available to all children with treatable neurological disorders in under-served areas around the world.

Solution Statement

  1. We create, equip, and support strategic centers of excellence in key LMIC locations that model best practices in pediatric neurosurgery across the continuum of care.
  2. These centers are created by forming strategic partnerships with doctors, hospitals, and other stakeholders with the capacity to provide clinical training and frontline research in high-volume LMIC locations.
  3. Broader impact is achieved by expanding, in contextually appropriate ways, Neuro Kids “centers of excellence” across the globe, while catalyzing similar partnerships between other HIC/LMIC institutions.

Core Values

The work of Neuro Kids is driven by these four core values:

  1. Compassion
    We focus on under-served children.
  2. Organizational Excellence
    We are transparent, accountable, and outcome-oriented in everything we do.
  3. Collaboration
    We work with others in ways that are generous, humble, and open-minded, always seeking to offer practical benefit.
  4. Scalability
    Our portable and repeatable model can easily expand in many different places.