Why Neuro Kids?

Our model is a proven success. 

We have seen our approach successfully work in the fields of neurosurgery with other NGOs and in parallel fields. The detailed outcomes available from such examples demonstrate that our approach to creating centers of excellence, and training others in evidence-based practices, can not only save lives, but result in sweeping changes in both culture and practice.

We have a world-class team. 

Our work is led some of the leading pediatric neurosurgeons in the world, including Dr. Benjamin Warf, Professor of Neurosurgery and the Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida Chair at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Warf developed the Neuro Kids model while based in Africa for six years, and is recognized as the world’s foremost leader in training pediatric neurosurgeons in the developing world.

He is joined by other recognized leaders in the field, including neurosurgeons Dr. Michael Dewan and Dr. Jacob Lepard, as well as neurosurgical nurse Ashley Birch of Boston Children’s Hospital. In addition, team leaders Charles Howard and Derek Johnson have worked for decades with NGO’s in Africa, and possess deep experience and extensive networks for meeting needs throughout under-resourced countries.

We have a long track record of success. 

The work of Neuro Kids builds upon twenty years of successful efforts in Uganda and elsewhere. We are now seeking to expand that success on a much larger level, to leverage the expertise and success that has been developed and is ready to scale.

We have long-standing partnerships with leading institutions. 

Our relationships with global NGOs are both relational and institutional. These relationships extend around the world, ensuring that our work is truly international. Our relationships also include academic partnerships with leading research institutions, such as Harvard Medical School and Vanderbilt University.